"Kristelle played multiple roles, as well as being credited for her choreography, in my play Sideways.  In the record-shattering 6-month run, Kristelle comported herself with a professionalism, and sported a creative energy, that has been unmatched since. Whatever you might be considering her for, know that she will devote herself to the project with unflagging and uncomplaining passion."  -- Rex Pickett, author of Sideways

"Kristelle has performed and choreographed two award winning shows with me. I consider her my secret weapon. Her passion is like a gun you can fire at anything and get beautiful results. Her sensitivity to movement, story, and emotion make her an unmatchable thought partner for my directorial work." -- Amelia Mulkey

"I directed the spot. And it was a marathon: we went for 17 hours. It was physically exhausting. Kristelle was a champion. She kept her charm and energy up even as she lifted a chainsaw fifty times. Everyone on set felt her enthusiasm. And in the last shot of the day, she perked everyone up and basically co-directed it with me (at my behest), leading her fellow actors in a choreographed march. In terms of performance, she gave me everything I asked for and more. In terms of attitude, she was a rockstar. And in terms of pleasing the people paying, both the agency and Client were thrilled with her." -- Dir. David Sauvage - National Brand Campaign

"...Flamenco for Kristelle is the medium through which she shows the world who she truly is. Wonderfully unique, with many layers of incredible depth and talent. When she dances you can see she returns to the purest part of her life when time didn’t matter, all that mattered was dance." -- Lindsey Warm

"Kristelle Monterrosa brings raw passion and emotion to life through her dance. This Flamenca's force awakens every being in her presence. She brings stories to life through her ancestral movement of love and life." -- Temryss Lane

"Watching Kristelle dance flamenco is like watching a fire burn...It’s exciting, intoxicating, passionate, and something you could just spend hours watching- eyes fixed, entranced.  Kristelle is the flame.  She is more than technique, she is more than passion, she is more than story.  Never have I seen the same flamenco twice and I never will. She is different every time for she brings something different every time she dances." -- Amanda Harrison