Kristelle Monterrosa at The Floor Improv Night

Shot + Edited by Robertino Fonseca

Flamenco Reel - Kristelle Monterrosa

Shot in the Hollywood Hills by Royce Gorsuch. 

Teaser Dancing Souls - Directed by Kristelle

Kristelle is Producing and Directing, "Dancing Souls, A journey back to Flamenco Roots." The film is about two dancers, 75 year-old Alicia, the mentor & 30 year-old Kristelle, the student, embark together on a quest from California to India and back to preserve Jondo, Flamenco, a dying art form. Their colorful life stories showcase the emotional taxation of pursuing one’s dreams. Nevertheless, guided by the Jondo, meaning profound, approach to life, these everyday heroes inspire others to pursue their true calling amidst the challenges.

Why do they Flicker?

A visual poem to music by Amelia Mulkey.

Flamenco via gopro love

Dennis Leight directs, shoots and edits this experiment. 

FEMMES: A TRAGEDY - full length
Lingo Videos - Spanish - Episode: 1

Here you'll see my hosting/teaching experience! Alex and I are teaching Spanish. Dir.

Human vs Faerie

A magical look at two different worlds.