Kristelle's story

Kristelle is a multicultural performing artist and award winning producer and choreographer. On stage since age 6, Kristelle has performed hundreds of shows worldwide at venues such as, LA LIVE with Mario Reyes from The Gipsy Kings, The Broad Stage in 'Ferdinand The Bull' in Santa Monica, CA or The Broad Stage in Monterey, CA. As an actress she’s been in shows such as Femmes A Tragedy and Sideways The Play and performed forty shows at The Hollywood Bowl for the LA PHIL, been the face for national brands, and starred in several powerful and award winning films. Producing the award-winning tango and modern dance show, Medea Tango in Buenos Aires Argentina, ignited her love for "creating". Working as a producer and actor on the short series Manic Adolescence furthered her production experience . She's currently directing and producing the fascinating non-fiction dance film, Dancing Souls, A journey back to Flamenco roots, about the power of flamenco to overcome challenges. Please follow her at or @dancingsoulsfilm on Insta/Fbook.